TUROK organizes international cat shows twice a year, in March-April and in October-December.

International cat shows in Turku November 26th-27th, 2016


Results from earlier TUROK shows


On this page you will find important information about our next show. Come back every now and then if you are coming to the show.


Veterinary control and check in

Every cat must go through the veterinary control in the morning at the show, also cats that won't be in competition. Make sure to arrive in good time! Provide the vaccination ceritifcate and certificate of microchipping for each cat. White cats must also have a hearing certificate. If you are exhibiting a housecat over 10 months old, you must also provide proof of spay/neuter. Any male cat over 10 months old must have normal testicles or be neutered. You should also provide your confirmation letter. If you are exhibiting on both Saturday and Sunday you do not need to attend the veterinary control again if the Sunday's conformation letter is stamped on Saturday and all cats have been to the vet. A female mated or pregnant is not allowed in the show. Clip your cat's sharp nails before the show.

Every cat must be vaccinated againts panleukopenia (Feline Parvovirus) and cat flu. It is not allowed to show a cat that has had a vaccination or booster less than 15 days prior to the show. The vaccination certificate must be given by a vet and include the following information: Vaccination date, name of the vaccine and the last validity date of the vaccination. The cat flu vaccinations are valid for maximum of one year from the date of vaccination, other vaccinations according to validity date given by the veterinarian. Every cat must have at least 2 vaccinations against cat flu. This means that the first vaccination has to be boosted. Rabies vaccination has to be taken at least 21 days prior to the import date. More information on import to Finland:

Every cat over 10 months competing in the show must have a microchip. This rule does not apply to cats born before 1.1.2002. The chips are controlled randomly by the vet.

The size of our cages is 65 x 65 x 56cm. The curtains should cover 3 sides and leave the side with the door open for the public view. If you bring your own cage, it must fit on the space of the normal cage. Bring your own curtains and aseccories. Remember to keep your cage and the surroundings neat during and after the show.

Leaving the show early
Every cat must stay in the show hall until the show closes. In special circumstances you may apply for a permit to leave early from the show manager: Suvi Sippola, email:
The permit must be applied in writing before judgement starts, ask the info desk for help. Cats are not allowed to be moved from their assigned cages without a permission from the show manager.

In this show the owners are allowed to present their cats to the judges themselves. Only one person, who must be at least 15 years old is allowed into the judging ring. If the owner is not present when the judging starts, the steward will present the cat. The owner must let the steward know about this before his/her breed is judged. If the cat is already being judged, the owner is not allowed to replace the steward. The owner must not talk to the judge during the judgement unless asked a question. Do not use the cat's name or pet name during judging.

Stewards are always wanted, contact the chief steward: Päivi Katajisto, email:


The show hall:
Turku Fair and Congress Center, (Messukentänkatu 9 -13) TURKU